The 2014 Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results

The fourth annual Pennsylvania Straw Poll was held April 4-5, 2014 at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Camp Hill (Harrisburg), PA. The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference is the premier state based conservative conference in the country.

The Pennsylvania Straw Poll opened at 8 A.M. on Friday and closed at 9:30 A.M. on Saturday. 249 ballots were cast representing 38 Pennsylvania counties and four states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Virginia.

Governor Tom Corbett saw a 3% increase in his approval rating over 2013. In addition Governor Corbett easily won the straw poll over his competitors including Bob Guzzardo (28), Rob McCord (3), Kathleen McGinty (0), Allyson Schwartz (0), and Tom Wolf (1) with 173 votes.

Pension reform topped the list of most critical issues for the Pennsylvania Legislators to address in 2014.

Nationally the Republicans in the House saw an approval rating of 56%, while those in the Senate came in with an approval rating of 39%.

Presidential candidate hopefuls Ted Cruz and Rand Paul tied as the early favorite for the Republican nomination with 20% each or 47 votes each. Rick Santorum and Ben Carson came in next with 13% or 31 votes each and Scott Walker finished off the top five with 25 votes of 11%.

The Straw Poll was conducted by Scott R. Davis and you can learn more about the Straw Poll and past results at or contact him at 717/884.9030.

The full results are posted below: 

Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results 2014 by scottrdavis

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The Marketplace Fairness Act is not Fair at all!

My open letter to Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Robert Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania.

Dear Senators Pat Toomey and Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.,

I am a resident of the Central Pennsylvania area and over the last couple years I have been considering reaching for the American dream and starting my own small business.  As I read the text in the Marketplace Fairness Act, or the Internet Sales Tax Mandate, I am reconsidering if that journey will be possible moving forward.

As you are aware the Marketplace Fairness Act would require me to collect sales tax at the time of purchase for any customer from any state.  That would require me to not only stay innovative in my products but would place a large amount of overhead and stress on me to stay on top of what the state and local sales tax rate is for every market across America even if I never sell a product in that market.


That overhead and stress could force me to deny sales from non-Pennsylvania residents limiting my business growth and potential or figure out the taxes across the U.S. which would most likely require the consulting of someone else, which then takes more money out of my startup.  The worst case is I determine it’s not worth it and decide not to start my small business and not to reach for that American dream.

I believe it is important for the market to be fair and if a Wal-Mart is required to collect sales tax in every state they have a physical location then so should I.  A company like Wal-Mart already is established and has the assets to collect that tax even in state’s it has no presence (if there is one), my new company would not have those assets.

I propose a better way in ensuring Marketplace Fairness and allowing the state’s ultimate goal of collecting online Sales Tax while not placing this load on the new and current small businesses of America.

A requirement of merchants with profits greater than $100,000 and that have completed transactions for out of state residents provide an annual receipt to each customer of their transactions for the fiscal year.  It would then be the customer’s requirement to report that on their state and local taxes.  The majority of accounting tools already allow that ability for the customer online or for the merchant offline.

This would allow those new business creators a waiver on the requirement to grow, and it would reduce the overhead and stress already placed on the business and its creators.

I strongly believe that if the Marketplace Fairness Act were to pass as written and become law, we will see corporations and big businesses grow larger and more powerful, while placing new burdens on small businesses and those trying to reach the American dream.  Without those still trying to reach that dream the ability to succeed, we will never get to see these great companies of tomorrow or what the innovative people behind them can bring us.

I ask you to please vote no on the Marketplace Fairness Act, and consider legislation that benefits the American dreamers and not just those already living the dream.

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The 2013 Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results

The 2013 Pennsylvania Straw Poll was conduced at the 24th annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference on April 19 and 20.  The poll was open to any attendee of the event, and every attendee was provided with a unique 5 digit "Voter ID" printed on their name tag.  Polling ended at 9:15AM on April 20, and the results were announced during the Leadership Luncheon at the Conference.

Here are the results:

Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results 2013 by scottrdavis

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The Definition of Marriage, Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court yesterday started hearing a case on federal marriage laws, or marriage equality.  Reviewing more than a thousand laws and program rules where a person’s marital status is required at the federal level, and the thousands more likely affected at the state level.  The Supreme Court will decide the Constitutionality of those and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Why is this even being debated in our top Court?

America is known as the land of the FREE, which promotes the freedom of speech and the freedom to think and make decisions for yourself.  That means I have just as much a right to share my opinion on my stance as you have.  It also means every other American has a right to read both arguments, think, discuss and make a decision that is right for them.

I am personally a Heterosexual male and Christian.  I have some good friends who are not christian and some who are not Heterosexual.  We do have conversations and at times may debate different points, but in the end we respect each other’s right to form and hold their own opinion.  What works for me doesn’t have to work for them.

So, instead of debating how marriage is defined for everyone, lets go back to what made America the land of the free and let each and every American define marriage their way.  Instead of Single or Married, why not simply Beneficiary on all those government forms.

Please form your opinions and share them, listen to others and remember that we all have that same right to form our own opinion and none is more powerful then another.

It is time to abolish the Defense of Marriage Act and every law and rule that attempts to define marriage for every American.  The definition of marriage is simply “The unequivocal right of two adults to make a formal commitment to each other through their personal beliefs without any government interference”.

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PLC Volunteers Needed

It's almost time for the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, the largest state based conservative conference in the United States.  I am sponsor for the event and host the Pennsylvania Straw Poll, using the Straw Poll App.  With my sponsorship I receive tickets for eight volunteers for all of the events for both days of the conference.  

I am looking for a few more volunteers to help run the table and straw poll for both days.  The Straw Poll runs from 8:30 AM to about 8:00 PM (after dinner) on Friday and Saturday 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM.  During scheduled events we only need a couple people at the table so you can network and join the workshops or speakers you would like to hear.

If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and contact information.

Thank You,

Scott R. Davis

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