Facebook refreshes iOS App

Facebook has launched a refreshed, iOS7 inspired app.  The refreshed design moves the menu to the bottom giving you easy access to News Feed, Requests, Messages, Notifications and More.


The upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5 comes in at 42.5 MB, and my first impression is that it’s faster, smoother and easier to navigate as Facebook brings the look and feel of its web-site to its mobile offering.



Facebook 6.4 on iPhone 4 

Facebook 6.4

Facebook 6.5 on iPhone 5

Facebook 6.5 


In addition to Facebook, Navigon, Twitter, PSECU, Key Ring, HopStop, Evernote and the Apple Store have seen updated apps.

Scott R. Davis is an Infrastructure Engineer at PennLive. You can follow him on Twitter @scottrdavis, subscribe to him on Facebook or circle him on Google +.

Got tech questions? Ask Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Windows 7 Start Menu Search Missing?

So, your Microsoft Windows 7 start menu is not showing the Search Programs and files.  This is a pretty easy fix but it will probably require you to have your system administration give you a hand if your not a local admin.

First let's take a look at services.msc and see if Windows Search is there.

1) WINDOWS + R > type 'services.msc' and ENTER 
  [or Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services]

2) Browse for Windows Search.

a) It's there - by starting it - the search field should show up.
b) It's not there - continue to 3.

3) There is no service, so let's add it.  Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features


4) Click the link to 'Turn Windows features on or off'


5) There should be checkmarks next to 'Indexing Service' and 'Windows Search'.


6) Reboot your computer and ta-da!

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Straw Poll App Update 5/7

You saw it at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, but version 2 of the Straw Poll App has yet to hit the App Store.  We know and are working with Apple to have it approved and ready for you to download.  We expect it to be available in the next week or two (if that changes we will let you know)


The best news to report is your only getting a taste of what is to come.  We are still working and finalizing the ‘on first load’ splash screens and a handful of other improvements that will be coming out over the coming months.  There is also a list of cleanup items we are working on to make the app easier and more friendly to use.


The negative is to get where we are today with version 2, we had to re-write the entire backend.  That means we have had issues with upgrades from version 1.  So we recommend that you uninstall version 1 before installing version 2 from your iPad.  With the backend done correctly its now easier to use and manage, it also shows poll results and the ability to change the logo on the Start Poll page.


Moving forward our code is now stronger and refined so there should not be a case where you have to delete and re-install the app (because its just not user friendly).


That last thing is we are starting production on our second and third apps which should be released in the fourth quarter of 2014, so stay tuned and stay social with us (Twitter @ ScottRDavis) for news and updates.


Scott R. Davis

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Tips for protecting your social media accounts.

Article published on PennLive.com!

Last week the Associated Press' hacked Twitter account tweeted to 1.9 million followers  that two explosions took place in the White House and that President Obama was injured. The tweet was retweeted more than three thousand times before Twitter suspended the account.

The AP's massive Twitter reach is great when it comes to disseminating critical news and information, but it also made it an attractive target for hackers. The AP is not the only victim. NBC News60 Minutes and the Guardian have also had their accounts hacked.

Passwords to social media accounts — not just those belonging to large news organizations — should be protected just as you would protect the keys to your house. Your password should be strong and it should change every few months. From theTwitter Help Center, they recommend you use a password that is:

  • At least 10 characters long.
  • A mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Different than other passwords you use.
  • Stored in a safe place (consider Moxier Wallet).

You can have a great password set, but as the above victims will tell you their password was stolen by using a Phishing attack, or an e-mail that looks genuine that tricks the user into providing their username and password. Phishing isn’t something new, in fact you probably have seen phishing emails in your inbox for years pretending to be from eBay, banks or other financial services.

Even the strongest password won't protect you if you hand it over in a Phishing attack. Here are some ways to know if you are being phished:

  • Before you click a link in an e-mail mouse over it and does the follow link address match the text?
  • Did you request a password change on your account before that e-mail notification arrived?
  • Are there spelling errors or an e-mail address that you don’t know?

It’s never possible to fully secure your social media accounts, but with proper policies and good education of your employees you can limit your exposure to hacking and Phishing attacks.

Read the article on PennLive.com!

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Connecting your Social Media Networks

Social media has provided every place of business, politician and individual the power to control their media.  Every social media platform powers you to market and network your product to a unique and attentive audience, and each should be treated as a separate media outlet.

Facebook is the network of choice for millions of people and Facebook Pages allow you to reach all those users.  A post on Facebook has a character limit of over 60K, so you can put a lot of information in a single post.  Users scroll their timelines and recent posts usually include posts that can be days old.  Facebook also includes the ability to link and automatically share your posts on Twitter.


Twitter is what I call an Instant News Platform.  Death’s, traffic updates, events, celebrity sightings, a time-restricted promotion or that big news headline will hit Twitter first.  By limiting posts to 140 characters the end user gets a lot of news quickly and easily.  A typical tweet is usually only seen and interacted with for a couple hours.  With the use of hashtags (#) and tagging other users you have the ability to extend that time and to grow your followers faster.

If you are automatically sharing your Facebook posts on Twitter the tweet usually includes a link back to Facebook to view the whole message, as that 60K character post won’t fit inside a tweet with a limit of 140 characters.

Twitter also has the ability to automatically share your tweets on Facebook.  This is why your Facebook wall is full of Hashtags that do nothing or abbreviated words that when you can use 60K characters, you think why abbreviate?


If you haven’t figured it out - I recommend that you treat each separate and take the extra minute and post messages for the platform.  You will look more professional, receive more interaction and increase your Likes and Followers! 

So please unlink your accounts!

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